Hawthorn Common

In establishing Hawthorn Common the owners wanted to provide a warm, well-lit environment. From past experiences they knew that halogen lights looked good but were expensive to run and had a short life, requiring frequent replacement. Calling out electricians to replace failed low-voltage transformers also proved a frustration.

In planning the new restaurant the owners approached Energy Makeovers for advice on installing energy efficient lighting.

By choosing high efficiency LED downlights Hawthorn Common will enjoy –

  • Reduced lighting costs – LED lights use 85% less power than halogen lamps
  • Longer life – LED lights last over 12 times longer than halogen lights
  • Increased reliability and sfaety – by eliminating the need for a ceiling mounted transformer LED lights reduce maintenance costs and risk of failure; (in some cases failed transformers have caused ceiling fires)
  • Run cooler – LED lights operate less than 80 degrees C