Solar panels at Barakat

Energy Makeovers installed a 31.6kw rooftop solar system using 275w Trina (honey) panels consisting of 5 strings, each strong with 23 panels each for a grand total of 115 panels. We also installed a 27kw Fronius eco inverter in a secure basement car park. This inverter was selected because it has inbuilt string protection by way of inline fuses. 

We also installed LEDs, upgrading the property from out-dated. energy-hungry alternatives. We installed 52 LED tubes, 230 LED panels, 12 LED downlights. This additional upgrade will save Barakat $15,000 a year alone.

St Joseph’s will now be able to save around $10,202.25 a year on their grid energy costs and see a pay-back period of 3.5 years.