How much will an LED upgrade in your home cost?

The cost of a downlight upgrade in your home will depend on a few factors.


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* In order to qualify, the resident must be living in metropolitan Melbourne or Sydney. Sydney residents must have 20 existing downlights to replace and Melbourne residents must have 15 downlights, mercury or CFLs to replace. Available for selected areas only.  Surcharge applies for dimmable downlights and for Melbourne properties with less than 15 lights for upgrade.

How do I upgrade my home?

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Get in touch

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Quick Quote

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Schedule a time to suit you

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Our A Grade electricians will dispose of your old lighting, recycling where we can. Your new lights are expertly installed so you can let the savings begin!

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Things to consider

Have you ever replaced your lights

Have you ever replaced your lights?

If you have previously replaced your downlights have you noticed if they have an MR16 or a GU10 base?

Halogen downlights with an MR16 and a GU10 base are shown in the image above. Both of these are eligible subsidies under the VEU and HEER Programs from Victoria and New South Wales.

Do you have a dimmer

Do you have a dimmer?

Above is an example of a downlight dimmer. It’s used for adjusting the brightness of your lights.
If you have a dimmer in place, let our team know before receiving a quote as it may have an impact.

I don’t know what my fittings are. Can I still have an upgrade?

Energy Makeovers are able to provide a fully integrated LED downlight if you wish to remove your 12V transformer or if you have dimmers installed on your existing halogen downlights.

Please note we are only able to upgrade a current system you have in place and do not install downlight lighting systems in a property where no downlights exist.

Are your lights 12V?

If your downlights are 12V they will usually say on the base of the bulb., You may also have a transformer in place, although it may not be visible.

Do you have other inefficient lights in your home?

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program (previously known as VEET), can also reduce the cost of replacing other lights in your home.

If you’d like to discuss upgrading CFL lighting or other upgrades on your premises please give us a call at 1300 788 776

Where are you based?

These offers are currently only available to Victorian and Sydney residents.

We may also be able to help you access rebates if you live in a State other than Victoria and NSW.

Check out our Government Incentive page for details.

Are they halogen downlights

Are they halogen downlights?

This subsidised lighting upgrade is only applicable for 12V halogen downlights. If you have already replaced your downlights to energy saving fluorescent or LED lights, we cannot upgrade your downlights under the VEET scheme subsidies.

Above is a typical halogen downlight for you to compare with your lights.

Transformers in the ceiling connected

Do you have 1 or more transformers in the ceiling (connected to your downlights)?

Above is an example of a transformer used for halogen downlights.

You may not be able to see your transformer. An Energy Makeovers Electrician can check for a transformer during an upgrade. All transformers are assessed for eligibility with our LEDs and if they’re deemed incompatible, a standard upgrade to MR16 LEDs may not be available.

Can I have cool white LED downlights in the upgrade?

We don’t currently supply cool white LEDs.

Our LEDs are 3000K and warm white in colour. 3000K warm white best replicates the colour of most halogen downlights and therefore are the best direct replacement for an upgrade. This warm white colour is most typical in homes, as it creates a comfortable, inviting ambience.

If you’d like to know more about the LED lighting colour spectrum and why warm white LEDs work best in the home and work-space have a read of our blog post.