How much will I save with an LED upgrade in my home?

Homes and small businesses that upgrade their halogen downlights to LEDs save on average around 85% on their lighting bill.

This is because a halogen downlight typically runs on 50w, compared to 7w for an LED.

  • Save time
  • Money
  • Energy

So, if you currently spend $500 a year on lighting, a saving of 85% would drop your lighting costs from $500 to just $75 a year.



LED Light

Don’t forget the money you’ll save on replacement bulbs!

LEDs last on average 20 times longer than halogen lights, so you won’t need to spend time and energy replacing the globes.



LED Lights

Halogen lights can reach temperatures of 300 degrees. During the summer months this increases the load on your air conditioning.
You’re paying to both heat and cool your house at the same time.

LEDs use a fraction of the energy of a halogen – and 95% this energy is used to create light, not heat.

  • 85% less energy used
  • less time & maintenance
  •  reduced air conditioning needs
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