How does solar power work?

Solar power; the cleanest and greenest energy source.

With advances in technology it’s now practical and affordable to turn any roof space into a renewable power generator.


Our high quality solar panels use photovoltaic (PV) cells to efficiently turn sunlight into electricity. This power is directed via an inverter into your building for your use. For example, when the sun is beating down your solar power system can power your air conditioning. If you are away any unused power you generate is exported back into the electricity grid. You receive a credit for the electricity you generate and export.

Energy Makeovers installs grid connected solar power. This means that solar power is blended seamlessly with your current power supply. So when the sun goes down or hides behind clouds your inverter switches to drawing power from the grid. Day and night you will always have power. The only difference is that when the sun is out you will enjoy free electricity.

When you install solar power you’ll shrink your electricity bill, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and help secure our planet’s energy future. Remember every solar panel installed reduces the use of fossil fuels year after year.