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Our self service VEEC Certificate Creation Offer

Energy Makeovers VEEC Partnership

At Energy Makeovers we can assist you and your business to create VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) for your commercial lighting LED upgrades.

If your business is already undertaking, or planning to undertake commercial lighting LED upgrades, you may be able to benefit from the VEET scheme (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target).

Energy Makeovers can assist your business with VEEC Creation through our bespoke self service VEEC creation portal.

After you complete an installation and gather appropriate VEEC documentation we provide the technology for you to submit a VEEC creation claim and monetise the certificates on your behalf.

This offer manages the creation and trading of VEECs. If you or your business requires support through the VEEC process we recommend our Full Service offer.

Our full service VEEC Partnership is an end to end VEEC creation and support solution, assisting you through the administration, documentation and processing of VEECs, helping you through the process quickly and efficiently with a payment period faster than any other AP in the industry.

Self service VEEC Creation

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Fast registration of VEECs

At Energy Makeovers we’re proud to be able to offer VEEC registration usually under 8 weeks.*

*Figure subject to change.

VEEC Prices

For detailed information on pricing please contact us, as figures are subject to change and can vary depending on the premises.

The value you will receive for each VEEC created is based on the prevailing VEEC price at the date of registration less the Energy Makeovers service fee. The price shown on the top right of this page is the indicative price of what you will receive per VEEC based on the current VEEC market price.

The Quantity of VEECs created is calculated using the following equation: (energy savings x 1.095) x regional factor, Where; Energy savings = baseline energy consumption – upgrade energy consumption. Refer to the VEEC calculator or VEEC white paper for further information.

self service veec creation

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