Solar Power installations

Why install solar

Why Install solar

Why install solar for your business? Solar energy systems, both panels and batteries have decreased in cost in recent years which makes payback periods on them much shorter. And there’s lots of reasons why solar energy is a fantastic addition for any business. Solar panels and solar energy systems provide clean, renewable energy that’s 100% free.
By installing solar energy for your business or commercial building you can decrease your energy bills (and even stop paying for energy all together), you can reduce your carbon emissions and in some cases even be paid for the energy you supply back to the main-grid.

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How much could your business save with solar

How much could your business save with solar?

The amount your business or commercial property can expect to save with solar panels does vary depending on your needs, energy use and access to sunlight. An Energy Makeovers solar expert can provide a projection on how much you could save on your energy bill.

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Once a solar energy system is installed the savings are instant and typical payback period is 3-5 years on average.

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What does it cost

How much does it cost?

For more information on our prices on solar energy systems for Melbourne commercial properties and businesses see our pricing page. Or, get in touch for a quote and projections on how much your business will save.

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How does it work

How does it work?

Once you have agreed on the right solar system for your business or commercial building, the Solar Team at Energy Makeovers will schedule an installation to suit you. Our Team will install a renewable energy generation system that is comprised of solar panels, charge controllers and inverters.

If you have selected a battery system this will also be included during the initial installation, however if you’d like a battery option can be retrofitted and can be installed at a later date.

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