About Energy Makeovers

Energy Makeovers has upgraded over 250,000 homes and businesses in Victoria.

When you choose Energy Makeovers, you’re in safe hands. Our experienced team of over 40 includes certified A-grade electricians and solar installers with a wealth of knowledge. Our business was established by executives from the electricity supply and energy industries. Combined our Directors have almost 100 years of experience. We measure our success in the tonnes of carbon we abate rather than financial profit and strive to establish lifelong relationships with our customers so that they can rely upon us as their trusted energy advisers.

Government subsides have made energy efficiency a practical reality in many homes and businesses. When you deal with us, you can be sure you’re dealing with an energy saving business absolutely committed to making your home or business part of a cleaner future for all of us.

Whether you own or run a business and want to reduce your electricity bills, or just cut energy consumption in the home, we would be delighted to help give you an Energy Makeover. Speak to one of our expert staff today about an LED lighting, solar or insulation solution to suit your needs.

Our locations

We have 2 main offices in Victoria and 1 in New South Wales.

Roy Zandona

Roy Zandona, Managing Director and CEO

Roy has been a Director of Energy Makeovers since 2011, stepping up to the role of CEO in 2016. He jointly built the company with Bryn and Bruce with an aim to reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses. As energy bills grow year on year, this goal has never been more prescient.

Roy is also a Director at Ambisol, an insulation specialist and retailer that launched in 2008. Prior to this Roy retained positions at BHP Billiton and CSR Bradford Insulation.

Bryn Dellar

Bryn Dellar, Executive Chairman

Bryn has worked in the construction and energy industries for over 30 years, with the last 10 years in the energy efficiency field.

Bryn has had bottom line responsibility for a range of planning, marketing, operations and trading businesses both in Australia and internationally with ExxonMobil, PwC Consulting and IBM.

In 2008 Bryn co-founded the Energy Makeovers group of companies with the vision of building a new breed of “energy services company” that would deliver energy efficiency, renewable energy, battery storage and other decentralised energy services to the residential and commercial built sector to reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Makeovers has become the largest creator of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) since the inception of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (Previously called called the VEET scheme) in 2009.

In 2013, Onsite Energy Solutions Pty Ltd was established with a restricted Victorian electricity licence and together with a major Victorian network business won the 2016 Clean Energy Council Innovation Award for deployment of a solar storage Virtual Power Plant across 10 residential sites.

In 2015, Bryn was the driving force behind the establishment of Energy Inspection Pty Ltd. Energy Inspection’s primary purpose, working together with CSIRO, federal/state governments and jurisdictional regulators, is to develop the world’s leading software to measure the energy use and carbon emissions of existing dwellings to facilitate the management of the carbon abatement pathway by regulators in the residential built sector.

Bruce Page

Bruce Page, Executive Director

Bruce has spent 37 years in the energy industry and has been completing lighting designs for over 30 years.

Bruce co-founded Energy Makeovers in 2008 with a goal of making it the most respected and trusted energy efficiency company in Australia. Since 2008 Bruce has devoted himself to driving high standards of customer service whilst continually improving the regulatory compliance of Energy Makeovers. Bruce brings technical expertise and process and control discipline to Energy Makeovers and provides day to day oversight and guidance to Energy Makeovers operational staff.

Prior to co-founding Energy Makeovers, Bruce provided highly valued consultancy services to the energy supply industry and various State Governments leveraging his 30 years of experience in the Australian energy supply industry

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

A scheme launched in 2008, previously titled the VEET Scheme (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target). This program is aimed at improving energy-efficiency in homes and businesses in Victoria. By improving energy efficiency Victoria decreases it’s carbon footprint and increases carbon abatement.

This is done through offering businesses and home subsidies on efficiencies like lighting upgrades.

Read more about Energy Makeovers and the VEU program (aka VEET scheme)...

Energy Makeovers jointly launched the VEET scheme (now known as the Victorian Energy Upgrades program) with the Victorian Government and was one of the first partners to become accredited. To date we are the only company accredited for every VEET (VEU) activity available.

Energy Makeovers has created more VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) than any other company (more than 4 million to date and counting). This means we have abated more than 4 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses to date and we are currently creating more VEECs than any other installer.

We do not exit the upgrades scheme when VEEC prices are low and re-enter when they improve. We remain in the market and absorb the bumps, unlike others in the market. We maintain a VEEC creation portal service that allows anyone to create VEECs and get paid for them for qualifying installations.

Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER, NSW)

Energy Makeovers is an active and accredited partner participating in the NSW State Government’s HEER incentive to encourage NSW residents to undertake energy efficiencies in their properties with energy-saving upgrades.