Goodbye halogens, hello savings

Why upgrade to LED lights
in your home?

By changing just 20 halogen downlights to LEDs, you can
save $326 per year on your energy bills.


Cost of running 20 halogens per year: $379
Cost of running 20 LEDs per year: $53

Annual saving of: $326*

*Based on:  20 lamps at a 26c/kwh tariff, old lamps are 50w halogen, new lights are 7 w LED Volume of lamps, hours of operation 4 hours per day, 365 days per year. Energy cost of old lamps is $379 per year, energy cost of new lamps equals $53 p.a.

A few reasons to upgrade


Return on Investment

Even if an installation fee applies, the amount you'll save in electricity charges will offset this in as little as 4 months!

Improve the look of your whole home

Old halogen lights burn so hot they can create ugly, yellowing marks around the fitting. We are pleased to offer a premium product that when installed, completely disguises these marks and makes it look like you have a whole new ceiling!

Eliminate hot spots

Halogen lights get oven-hot (300+ C). LED downlights are much cooler (<80 degrees) so your home is safer and more liveable.

Protect against future price hikes

Electricity costs are rising in every state across Australia.Some experts predict the increase will be between 5% and 40% . By decreasing the amount of electricity you are using, you protect yourself from increased electrical costs.

Longer lifespan

LED down lights last up to 10 years, which means you won’t have to bother changing them for a long time.

Risk free

All installations are done by a qualified A Grade electrician, using only best government approved products. We also stand by our service with a 12 month warranty.
The stats

Electricity cost savings


Temperature reduction

LED Light

Not all LED lights are equal.

Unlike old school lights, LED lights are sophisticated electronic devices. The quality of components and design affect reliability and performance. Our quality LED lights are designed for long life and high performance.

Highly efficient
Designed for maximum efficiency. Get the brightness of a 50W halogen light using LEDs under 8W.

Brilliant light
Excellent light output in warm colours (520+ lumens) – as bright as a 50W halogen.

Reduce carbon footprint
Upgrading 20 downlights permanently offsets the emissions from your own car plus 5 of your friends.

Simplify and save
Eliminate your old transformer. This saves you more power and avoids the risk of costly replacements.

Designed to last
Our quality LEDs have been designed for long life. They will shine for years to come. (Rated for 25,000 hour lifetime).

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Residential LED Lighting, Downlights & Installation in NSW

Hands up if you answered yes to this question? After all, everyone wants to save money on their energy bills and do their bit for the environment. At Energy Makeovers, we can show you ways to do just that, and it starts by replacing your old halogen bulbs with new energy efficient LED lighting.
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Would you like to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your electricity bills?

Over the last 9 years, we’ve helped over 250,000 homes and businesses to save energy, time and money, with over $45 million in savings. And now it’s time to offer the kind of energy efficient downlight installation NSW customers need to give you the same benefits.

Offering our LED lighting installation services in New South Wales

Energy Makeovers offer energy efficiency services to both residential and commercial customers Australia-wide. One of the original partners in the Victorian Energy Saver Initiative, we’ve been helping our customers to reduce their energy spend, and their environmental footprint since 2008.

By simply changing your existing halogen downlights to new residential LED lighting, New South Wales households can save hundreds of dollars every year on your lighting bill. And that goes for commercial customers too. With prices starting from just $15 per bulb (with a minimum installation of 10 bulbs), it’s a small initial investment for what will be a big return.

If you think that you could benefit from upgrading to residential or commercial LED lighting, New South Wales residents should call us now.

Why choose Energy Makeovers to upgrade your residential and commercial LED lighting in NSW?

Having helped over a quarter of million households and businesses to upgrade their commercial and residential LED lighting, New South Wales customers can rely on Energy Makeovers to do the job properly.

Not only does our 40+ strong team comprise A-grade electricians, but our Directors have over 100 years of experience from the electricity supply and energy industries to draw on.

Furthermore, unlike some other electrical installers in NSW, we base our success on how many tonnes of carbon we abate each year, rather than being driven purely by financial profit. Our aim is to make the world a greener place, and help our customers to save energy and save money.

Plus, you’ll also find that our customer service is second-to-none and whether we’re dealing with a single household or a large corporation, we aim to establish a lifelong relationship based on trust and transparency.

Get a Great Deal on Residential LED Lighting in New South Wales

Home improvements are something that must be planned for in advance. Whether you are undertaking a considerable number of changes, or if you simply want to upgrade your home so that it takes advantage of the current savings that are accessible through smart technology, having experienced professionals to assist you on your journey is essential to getting the best deal. Residential LED lighting in New South Wales is an area of expertise for the team here at Energy Makeovers.

For the past twelve years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our customers access the very best products and solutions. In the short time that our business has been in existence, we have become one of the leading specialists in the country. Our commitment to making upgrading your home possible is second to none. We are trusted energy advisers who believe in treating the homes that we visit like they are our own. As such, you can expect a thorough, meticulous standard of care and attention and will ultimately benefit from lighting solutions that will change your energy costs for the better going forward.

Our certified A-grade electricians have helped abate more than 4 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses and with the focus on renewables and green solutions continuing to sharpen, we are already seeing a vastly more competitive market that affords you even more opportunities to take advantage. LED technology has continued to evolve since it was discovered decades ago, so the solutions accessible are simply stunning and make for incredibly comfortable living.

Need an Incentive to Make the Change?

If you are considering a downlight installation project and live in NSW then you are most likely browsing your options and looking for a price that feels achievable without being too much of a burden.

At Energy Makeovers, we know that there are countless homeowners out there who will take the plunge and effect change within their homes without ever speaking to experienced professionals in this sector about what they hope to achieve. The reason it makes sense to consult with our team is that there are often incentives, rebates or subsidies provided by the government that we can help our customers claim.

This means that the actual cost of switching from halogen to LED could be negated entirely, or at least made much more affordable than you might think. Naturally, doing the paperwork for such applications is something most would prefer not to engage with, but with our help and guidance, you can avail of everything that you can benefit from and look forward to a much more energy-efficient home.

It’s so easy to get the process started. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners just like you simply picked up the phone or filled in the online query form here on our site to begin a conversation about their plans and their property. A quick, free quote later and for a lot of people, they already appreciate just how worthwhile engaging with our team was. After all, if savings are there to be made, don’t you want to avail of them?

When it comes to residential LED lighting in New South Wales, the team here at Energy Makeovers lead the way. Case studies and reviews are readily available on our site as well as a free to download guide to saving on your energy bills. You can embrace LED technology today and start saving immediately. All you have to do is get in touch.

Book an appointment with the NSW LED lighting specialists today

If you’d like to find out more about how Energy Makeovers can help you to save energy and money with an LED lighting upgrade, get in touch either by calling 1300 788 776 or completing our online contact form.

Our team is standing by to answer all your queries and book an appointment for our NSW replacement LED lighting service.

Energy Makeovers are specialists when it comes led lighting installation, led light replacements & commercial led lighting services. Let us help if you are looking for some residential led lighting or want some more information on led downlights vs halogen lighting.

Please note, our services are currently only available in the metropolitan Sydney area. However, we are planning to expand our service, so please leave your details, and we’ll be in touch when one of our electricians is available in your area.

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