Why upgrade

Why upgrade

Outdated lighting can be a huge energy-sucking monster. Some lights, like incandescent and halogen globes can waste as much as 95% of their energy needs on just heating the elements of the light and not lighting it. By upgrading your lights to LED you can reduce your energy use as much as 85%.

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How much will I save

How much will I save

By upgrading your halogen downlights to LEDs you can expect to save up to 85% on your energy bill. It may sound like a lot, but it’s true. By upgrading your 50w halogen downlight to a 7w LED you’re getting the same great light at a fraction of the energy use. So you’ll dramatically reduce the energy needed to light your home and you’ll slash that horrible lighting bill.

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What does it cost

What does it cost

The cost of an upgrade from halogen downlights to LEDs varies depending on your location. Melbourne and Sydney residents can take advantage of our $33 complete installation offer. This includes all LED downlights (a minimum of 20 is required).

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How does it work

How does it work

Installation is very fast and easy. Give us a call or complete our form and we can organise a time that suits your schedule. A certified A-grade electrician will come to your home and complete the installation with minimal disruption.

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Savings Calculator

Use our LED savings calculator to find out!

Number of Lights
Hours used per day 4 Hours
Cost (cents) per kwh 26
Current Light 50 Watts
LED light upgrade 7 Watts LED

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Residential LED Lighting in Australia

One way to save money on your energy bills is by upgrading your home’s lights to residential LED lighting. At Energy Makeovers we aim to show you how you can save energy and save money, through our energy efficiency services.
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Save $$$ on your energy bill by installing LED lighting

By upgrading the lighting in your home from halogen lighting to LED lighting, you’ll not only be saving the environment by using less of our precious energy resources, but you’ll be saving $$$ too.

See how many $$$ you could be saving by upgrading to LED lighting in your home

If you’ve still got halogen lighting in your home, you’ll be burning through energy and your hard-earned dollars. For example, if we told you that just 10 halogen downlights use over $300 of electricity a year – would you be surprised? And what if we told you that these bulbs only last up to 15 months, and reach temperatures of more than 300oC? Do these still seem like the best option for your home?

Simply by upgrading 10 50W halogen lights to 10 of our residential 8W LED lights you can expect savings of up to $300 every year for 12 years on your lighting bill. It’s an offer you can’t afford to refuse!

We can upgrade your halogen downlights for FREE

Yes, you heard that right. Thanks to Government incentives, we can upgrade halogen downlights for LED lighting for free, with just a $33 installation charge.

When you accept a complete halogen light replacement from us here at Energy Makeovers, you’ll get quality LED downlights that are every bit as bright as your 50W halogen lights, but use up to 88% less power. Plus, they last over 12 times as long, and are up to 73% cooler than the halogen versions.

Upgrade to residential LED lighting now and experience the benefits for yourself

Put simply, LED lights are sophisticated electronic devices that are second-to-none in terms of reliability, longevity and performance. They’ll continue to shine for years, there’s no need for a transformer and all the expense that entails when it needs replacing, and they’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Futureproof Your Home with Residential LED Lighting

With every passing year, it seems that there is something else that you need to install or get for your home that will inevitably cost you more money and place further demands on your hard-earned cash. Technology has taken huge steps forward over the past three decades in particular and it seems that we edge closer and closer to sci-fi in our reality as innovators find ways to realise the things that were once only possible in the movies.

While we are ever more dependent on energy as a result of our beloved tech, residential LED lighting is one of the key areas where you can make changes in your home to improve it and realise a modern and contemporary aesthetic, but without having to pay the price for it. At Energy Makeovers, we have helped thousands of Australians, just like you to avail of government rebate schemes, incentives and subsidies so that the transition from the energy-sapping halogen bulbs to warm, crystal clear LEDs is a financial burden that you may not have to incur.

Australia’s Leading Provider for Residential LED Lighting

Energy providers are changing their ways and embracing renewable sources to a greater extent, but the truth is that unless you are using solar panels and have an independent supply, then you will fall victim to their price hikes. If you’re not planning on going solar just yet, by changing to LED lighting, you can protect your pocket against these price hikes and even cut your energy bills by up to 85%.

Bulbs That Last Over 12 Times Longer

There is never a convenient time for a bulb to blow in the home. The absence of light in one room means that bulbs are either taken from other rooms or a trip to the shops is necessary. This is a practice that we’re all familiar with and used to, having been so dependent on halogen bulbs for so long in our homes. However, residential LED lighting affords those that avail of it a greater degree of freedom and trust that their lights will work when they need them to.

The truth is that an LED lightbulb will last over twelve times longer than a halogen bulb. You stand to get up to ten years of usage out of each LED, which means that you will be visiting the shop or scrambling to replace bulbs in very rare circumstances. The absence of this expense and the expense that is incurred through maintenance very quickly add up and these savings are yours to use as you see fit.

Questions About Our Residential LED Lighting?

Here at Energy Makeovers, we’ve helped countless homeowners achieve incredible efficiency standards. Without the heat that is generated from halogen bulbs, air conditioning units are required less often and the overall temperature of the home is much more even and regulated all year. Of course, comfortable living doesn’t happen by changing your lighting alone, but it plays a key role in helping you to achieve a standard that you want.

The changes you make today help to reduce your carbon footprint. Our quality LED downlights use 88% less power than halogens and are as bright as a 50W alternative. You could save up to $326 per year, which adds up to over three thousand dollars over a decade.

Wouldn’t you like to look back in ten years and know that your choice today allowed you to hold onto that cash and not pay it needlessly to any energy provider? All you have to do to make this a reality is get in touch with our team and we’ll help you take the necessary steps to a cleaner, brighter more efficient future.

In just 2 hours, your transformation from Halogen to LED lighting could be complete

Yes, that’s all it takes. Our certified electricians can upgrade your lighting system in as little as 2 hours. In that time, they can remove your old inefficient transformers (if required) and install your new residential LED lights.

Plus, we’ll clear up after ourselves when we leave. All you’ll be left with is brilliant bright lighting that will save you money, and that doesn’t cost the earth; together with an Certificate of Electrical Safety that guarantees the integrity of the work we’ve just carried out.

If you’d like further information about how switching from Halogen to LED lighting could benefit your home, call us now on 1300 788 776 or complete our online contact form.

Energy Makeovers are specialists when it comes led lighting installation, led light replacements & commercial led lighting services. Let us help if you are looking for some residential led lighting or want some more information on led downlights vs halogen lighting.

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Daniel Cornish
Easy and seamless changeover of lighting to LEDs. Recommended. Thanks 🙂
Gordon Lymburn
th Stefanie and Dean and they where very helpful and extremely professional and flexible with arranging completio... completion of the project. The increase in sustainability and decrease in energy use has been significant and I would recommend Energy Makeovers. Even when the Veet did not cover 100% of the services, was still very reasonable.
Jennie Cobbett
Very professional and efficient installation of LED globes, hopefully will be cheaper.
Jarod Guthrie
vice they arrived exactly on time, they also called 15 minutes before to confirm the appointment. During these cur... these current uncertain times they were professional and in out and quickly, causing no disturbance.
Abvh Capistranoahjswi
Great home service worker. Excellent customer service and staff. Satisfied with products installed.
Luxury Backdrops
o go for the premium upgrade and couldn’t be happier. Friendly staff from service team to the electrician who came ... who came on the day. Easy process and heaps cheaper than getting these lights thought a company not involved in the government incentives.
Naime Gokoglu
pointed as I was given the impression that all lights in my home would be changed over to LED. I was even asked to ... asked to take photos of all of them and email it across prior to the appointment, which I did. This took me literally half a day to do! However, only less than half of my lights were changed. I was told that he didn’t have the other lights available. If Bunnings can stock it, then there shouldn’t have been a problem. I would very much appreciate someone coming back out to complete the job please.

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