Are Victorian renters eligible for free LED upgrades?

Are Victorian renters eligible for led upgrades?

We’re often asked by renters living in Victoria if they’re eligible for free or subsidised LED upgrades under the VEU Program

We have written about this for Sydney renters here, but this post specifically relates to Victorian renters. Victorian homeowners have always been able to take advantage of the LED upgrades for downlights and now CFL to LED since the program has been in place. But, did you know that renters are eligible too!

Why are renters eligible for free LED upgrades?

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The reason we’re able to offer LED upgrades to renters around Victoria is thanks to the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU). It does not exclude residents who live in rented properties. And in most circumstances, light fittings do not require an upgrade and our electricians are able to simply upgrade your lighting globes to LED so landlord approval is not needed. Although, you might want to confirm an upgrade with your landlord to let them know you’re upgrading the property.

If the property is eligible, there are no costs for the upgrade and your landlord could benefit from lowered energy demands in the property. Tenants are happier as their energy bills are cheaper and tenants won’t have to replace any globes while they live in the house as the average life of LEDs can often be a decade or more!

If you rent a property in or around Melbourne, you could be eligible for a free LED upgrade.

By upgrading your property to LED you could save up to 85% off your lighting bill without sacrificing brightness (lumens) and colour (kelvin). You could also decrease any fire risks your downlights create, as LEDs run much cooler, they last up to 20 times as long and they reduce your carbon footprint. There are no downsides!

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