Australia’s solar installations higher than projected

Solar record breaking have revealed some really interesting and record-breaking stats for solar energy around Australia in March 2018.

For example, installations for March 2018 of rooftop solar energy systems was the highest total capacity ever; “enough to power the equivalent of 36,710 homes“. This included 18,237 solar system installations on homes and businesses with solar installations in Victoria accounting for 3,452 installations; coming in third, with NSW claiming the top spot for most installations with 5,117 systems installed.

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Capacity installed in the first quarter of 2018 is 56% higher than the same time in 2017, which was a record-breaking year for capacity.

“Rooftop solar panels installed in March will deliver $225 million in bill savings over the next decade states the report. In addition to slashing electricity bills, Australia‚Äôs rooftop solar sector employment supported 6,084 full-time equivalent jobs last month.” Source

As of 2017 15% of Australia’s energy was supplied by renewable energy, but now, thanks to investments in solar, wind and hydro the number is creeping up and we’re close to 20% of our energy supply from renewable sources, or the equivalent for 8.7 million homes.

“The amount of renewable energy to be generated in 2020 is now set to exceed the original 41,000GWh renewable energy target that was in place before cuts made under the Abbott-led Government.” Source

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