One of the most commonly asked questions from our customers enquiring about free LED upgrades through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program is “Can you upgrade my fluorescent tubes to LED for free?” Fluoro tubes aren’t a common addition in most new homes now, but they were common throughout the 90s and now many homeowners and renters want to upgrade them because they can create an unpleasant light that flickers and technology has since moved on with more efficient globes now available.


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If you have fluorescent tubes in your home the ideal solution would be to upgrade your fittings to LED tubes while you upgrade the rest of the lights around your home to LED – right? Unfortunately, fluorescent tubes are not available to upgrade to LED for free under the regulations of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

The VEU program exists to help Victorian homes and businesses upgrade their lights to low energy consumption globes and fittings to reduce their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. In order to provide subsidised and free LED upgrades to Victorian homes and businesses, we must adhere to the rigid regulations under the program. Upgrading fluorescent tubes to LED is possible and a great idea to reduce your energy consumption and this type of subsidised upgrade is available for business properties throughout Victoria, but since the launch of the LED upgrades program fluoro tubes have not been included for residential properties. It’s a shame and we are often asked about it, but we’re not able to upgrade these fittings until they’re included in the program.


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If you have CFLs, incandescent globes and halogen downlights we’re able to upgrade your lights to LED for free! Or, if you’re a business there are even more lighting upgrades available to you including those that are available to residential properties – highbays, shoplights and fluoros, etc. Give us a call (1300 788 776) for a no-obligation chat.


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