Case Study: LED Upgrade For Storage King’s Melbourne Branches

LED upgrades for Storage King offers savings of almost $500,000 a year!

Storage King has grown to be the largest self storage organisation in Australasia. Storage King’s primary objective is to maintain its position as the number one self storage brand in Australasia.

Storage King
Storage King selected Energy Makeovers to complete LED upgrades throughout their 30 Melbourne-based branches.

On average each Storage King location had a total of 269 energy-hungry fluorescent tubes. These tubes are inefficient and can offer flicker as they age. Energy Makeovers upgraded a total of 8,078 fluorescent tubes throughout the Melbourne branches. We also upgraded any other lights throughout, including floodlights, highbays and downlights.

Here’s the figures:

  • 29 stores upgrades
  • 8,078 tubes upgraded
  • 8,436 lights upgraded total
  • Savings of $351,683 for tubes
  • Savings of $122,884 in other lights

Total annual savings of $474,586

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