Case Study: Petplan Insurance upgrades their lights to LED for huge savings

Un-furlievable savings on lighting costs for Petplan Insurance.

Petplan is the world’s largest pet insurance provider and prides itself on delivering the best value plans, shortest waiting times and first-class customer service.

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With business overheads increasing, Petplan works hard to keep insurance premiums down for pet lovers and their furry friends. So they approached Energy Makeovers to replace the energy draining lights at their Head Office in Victoria.

It was a purrfect decision: Energy Makeovers upgraded over 450 fluorescent tubes and 12 downlights in the Tullamarine office and halved Petplan’s lighting bill each year.

Even better, the upgrade was totally free, thanks to the Victorian Government’s VEEC scheme.

Over 5 years, Petplan will have saved over $63,579.15

Lighting costs:

Before upgrade: $17,807

 After upgrade: $5,091.63

Estimated Annual Savings: $12,715

“Thank you Martin for the excellent job Energy Makeovers did to convert our office premises to energy efficient lighting.

It took only 3 days for the team to change over 400 lights with minimal disruption to our business operations.” David Munday, CFO or Petplan

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