Do I have downlights?

A man wondering if he has downlights

How to tell if you already have downlights

Downlights are very common in Australian homes because they offer an aesthetically pleasing and fuss-free lighting system supplying a comfortable ambience. There’s a good chance you might have some in your rental or owned property, especially if you’re living in a newer-build.

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Distinguishing features of a downlight are:

  • They’re recessed into the ceiling.
  • They have two prongs on the back either win 2 sharp pins or flat, stubby terminals at the end. The former is an MR16 and the latter a GU10
  • An MR16 downlight connects to a transformer.
  • Both MR16s and GU10s have a face that is 16x 1/8th of an inch (2 inches or 50mm).

This is what an (MR16) halogen downlight looks like

And here is what a downlight looks like in your ceiling.

what a downlight looks like

If you have downlights that look like this and you live in Sydney or Melbourne you could be eligible for FREE LEDs in an upgrade (+$59* installation fee).

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*$59 installation fee in place from 1st March, 2019

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