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LED Office Lighting through the VEET Scheme

If your office building is still using outdated, energy-hungry lights like halogen downlights or fluorescent tubes you could be eligible for a partial or heavily subsidised upgrade to LED with thanks to subsidies organised through the Victorian Energy Upgrade program.

The VEU, previously called the VEET Scheme, incentivizes energy-efficient upgrades like the retrofit of old-technology/outdated lights to new LEDs as it helps Victoria reduce its carbon emissions and work towards Australia’s Paris Climate Agreement to help limit global warming to 1.5-2° (26-28% reduction in emissions, relative to 2005 levels, by 2030).

A halogen downlights wastes huge amounts of energy

It may seem like a small change, but by upgrading old technology like light bulbs across the state this has a massive affect on energy use.

A single halogen downlight uses 85% of its energy use on heating the elements inside to around 300° but an LED doesn’t need to be hot to produce light so the energy it draws goes into lighting and not heat. You’re exchanging a 30W lamp for a 7W lamp. Now imagine this change across every downlight in your home and then every downlight in every business in Victoria. Imagine that across the whole country – that’s a huge drop in energy use, while maintaining the same light output and reducing your lighting bills. It’s a really positive incentive.

If your office uses old fluorescent tubes the VEU Program also offers incentives for replacing these to LED. That’s right – LED tubes! No more flickering, no more dark tubes (which you took out to stop the flickering!) and a better, more consistent quality of light that’s cheaper to run.

LED office lighting

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