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If your office building is still using outdated, energy-hungry lights like halogen downlights or fluorescent tubes you could be eligible for a partial or heavily subsidised upgrade to LED with thanks to subsidies organised through the Victorian Energy Upgrade program.

The VEU, previously called the VEET Scheme, incentivizes energy-efficient upgrades like the retrofit of old-technology/outdated lights to new LEDs as it helps Victoria reduce its carbon emissions and work towards Australia’s Paris Climate Agreement to help limit global warming to 1.5-2° (26-28% reduction in emissions, relative to 2005 levels, by 2030).

A halogen downlights wastes huge amounts of energy

It may seem like a small change, but by upgrading old technology like light bulbs across the state this has a massive affect on energy use.

A single halogen downlight uses 85% of its energy use on heating the elements inside to around 300° but an LED doesn’t need to be hot to produce light so the energy it draws goes into lighting and not heat. You’re exchanging a 30W lamp for a 7W lamp. Now imagine this change across every downlight in your home and then every downlight in every business in Victoria. Imagine that across the whole country – that’s a huge drop in energy use, while maintaining the same light output and reducing your lighting bills. It’s a really positive incentive.

If your office uses old fluorescent tubes the VEU Program also offers incentives for replacing these to LED. That’s right – LED tubes! No more flickering, no more dark tubes (which you took out to stop the flickering!) and a better, more consistent quality of light that’s cheaper to run.

LED office lighting

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Morale in the office is something that is monitored by any business owner or manager that truly wants to make their mark in the industry they compete within. They know that the happiness and well-being of their workforce is a key determiner with regards to productivity, innovation and, therefore, profitability. Taking workers on engagement exercises and equipping them with the latest technology is all fine and well, but there are ways to boost morale and create a very different sense of calm and positivity in the office.

At Energy Makeovers, we are LED office lighting experts. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, from large to little and even with sole traders. Our experiences have taught us one thing, that no matter what work employees engage with, they want to look forward to the day ahead and not fear the office environment. Subtle things can make a huge difference in the long-run, such as the way the lighting system in the office space behaves. The buzz that comes from a halogen or fluorescent lighting system can irritate over time and really impact on productivity because focus shifts from the tasks at hand, to trying to find solutions to stop the noise.

Fortunately, those who take great care to balance their books and strive to make savings where possible don’t have to sweat too much about the prospect of making lighting changes in the office. The government has made subsidies available as well as rebate and incentive programmes to encourage employers to switch to more energy-efficient sources of light and with our help, your business could avail of a complete change at no cost, or at a vastly reduced percentage of the normal cost.

How LED Lighting Can Change the Office Atmosphere

With LED office lighting in place, your business stands to make gains in several ways. Energy expenses are the obvious first place to look because LEDs require a lot less to deliver a better quality of light than halogens and fluorescent lighting. Past customers have seen reductions in their energy bills of up to 85%.

Next, think about all you will save on maintenance and repairs. It’s a given that LED bulbs last for up to 10 years, which is great on its own, but since there is less heat being generated from your light sources, your reliance on air-conditioning will also reduce. So, you make another saving here on the energy bill, but if the a/c is not running nearly as much as it used to, then you also stand to benefit since parts are not being worn down as quickly, and so replacement units are required less often.

Within the office, a perceptible change may be noticeable. The absence of flickering bulbs and the presence of an even, controllable intensity of light ensures that your workspaces are much more comfortable and less troubling employees. They won’t have to deal with any noises or buzzing sounds from the light source since there is none.

What’s more, given that the room temperature is less likely to increase, a more even temperature is achievable all year round, so there will be far fewer discussions over adjusting the temperature of the a/c. Comfortable workers are happier workers, and with morale improved you can anticipate a rise in focus, productivity and profitability.

At Energy Makeovers, we have seen the incredible change that LED office lighting can have across a range of different industries. So, no matter what business you are engaged in, get in touch with us to discuss the savings you could make and the positive changes that can be harnessed from a better, more energy-efficient lighting source.


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