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How LEDs helped Sydney slash energy use by 48%

In March 2012, the city of Sydney opted to start upgrading their energy-hungry, old fashioned lights around the city to LED with their LED lighting project. This project was the “first of its kind in Australia”.

“The City of Sydney has 22,000 street lights across its local government area; while 13,500 are the responsibility of the City’s energy partner Ausgrid that leaves 8500 globes under the ownership of the City. A full 6500 are set to be swapped over to LED, and with 4100 complete nearly half are already there at this current milestone.” (source)

According to the Project Team in Sydney one-third of the city’s annual electricity bill and a significant portion of its greenhouse gases is due to public lighting, which is incredible! Imagine that! – all that tax payer money gone to lighting.

After upgrading 6,604 street and car park lights to LED the City reported a drop of 48% of their energy that year.

With this energy-saving upgrade completed the huge amounts of tax-payer money can be better spent elsewhere. Well done Sydney!

Various street lighting examples

If you don’t have energy efficient LEDs installed in your home just think of the money you’re wasting on outdated lights. Sydney saved 48% of their energy use in 1 year. But upgrading your downlights from halogen to LED can actually reduce your energy consumption as much as 85%!

For example if you have 20 halogen downlights in your home and you have them on for an average of 10 hours a day, you could expect a lifetime savings in your home of $9,360 if you upgrade them to LED! Nevermind the decrease in maintenance costs as LEDs last a lot longer than halogens, so you won’t need to replace them as often.

Homes and cities are upgrading to LED. Can you afford to fall behind?

Check out this interesting lighter-coloured Tarmac project Sydney also implemented to reduce energy consumption.

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