Should I buy halogen or led

Have some of the lights in your home gone dim or blown completely? Whether you have incandescent globes or halogen downlights, chances are you have to change your globes more often than you’d like. So, if it’s time to replace your globes yet again, can we offer an alternative – LED. You might even have seen in Victoria that you can upgrade many of your fittings to LED for FREE. Perhaps you have seen our TV ad…


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So, if you’re potentially on your way out the door to pick up some replacement halogens or incandescents, stop what you’re doing and we can tell you if you should buy halogen globes or LED. The answer is, neither! You can have LED installed for free. That means free installation, but ALSO – FREE LEDs. So you literally pay nothing to upgrade your home or business to LED.

But are LED better than halogens?

Yes, my god, yes.

LED lights are more efficient than older types of lamps and globes. Here is some more information about why LEDs are more efficient.

“Incandescent lights are a great example of a globe with terrible energy efficiency – 95% of the energy consumed goes into heating the lighting implements and only 5% into lighting. If we compare an LED globe, 95% of the energy used is for lighting.”

“Compare a halogen downlight with an LED one; a halogen globe uses 30w of energy and emits heat of 60+degrees and supplies 500+ lumens of light. A typical MR16 LED requires around 5w to emit the same light (around 520 lumens). A saving of 85% of the energy needed while supplying the same brightness and quality of light.”

LEDs are also the most advanced type of lighting technology available on the market (for now!) and we have done a fact check on LED technology here. So, if you upgrade your home or business to the market’s most efficient and most advanced lighting technology available you’ll future proof your property and reduce your energy demands.


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So, LEDs are by far superior to halogens and we’d strongly recommend taking advantage of the FREE LED upgrade that’s available.

More importantly, the FREE LED upgrade is only going to be available until the end of June 2021. That’s right – you read correctly. It’s been around for a while and hundreds of thousands of Victorians have taken advantage of the offer, but regulations under the program are going to change during winter 2021 and it means we will no longer be able to offer the upgrade 100% free. In fact, all provider participating in the program will also be removing this offer, so from July 2021, you will no longer be able to receive a 100% free LED upgrade in your home. So, we’d very strongly advise doing it now, before you miss the chance.


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