The Victorian Solar Rebate in August 2019

Update on Vic rebate

The Victorian solar rebate that relaunched in July 2019 now has a cap each month for 3,300 properties a month. July’s cap was reached by 3 pm on the day it launched (we did a post on July’s cap here). Victorians waited patiently for August to come around and the cap to open up again and incredibly to the cap was hit within 90 minutes!

We appreciate this can be frustrating so we thought we’d offer some tips to make sure you’re ready and prepared for September so you can claim your rebate with the best chance possible and not miss out next month.

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1. Collect quotes from retailers

August applications are now closed but it’s important to be organised for future months. We’d recommend contacting installers (like us!) for quotes (get a quote from us). You’ll need confirmed quotes from installers to apply for the rebate, so make sure you have your selected quote ready.

2. Do your research

Do your research on warranties, manufacturers and installers. Do your research ahead of time, so you don’t throw any delay in your way.

A reminder that the installer you select will need to be a CEC Approved Solar Retailer otherwise they’re not eligible for the solar rebate and you may get stung with the full cost of the install. Energy Makeovers are an Approved Solar Retailer and therefore can help you apply for the Victorian solar rebate.

This is the logo to look for

Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer logo

3. Make a decision on the system you want for your property

Select your quote, products, installers and finalise your decision. Then when you September 1st comes along you’re ready with all your paperwork to submit your application for the Victorian solar rebate.

The State Government hasn’t announced changes to the program to increase the monthly cap, as yet, but requests have been passed to the governing body in charge of the solar rebate with requests to ease the caps.

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