Upgrade your office panel lights to LED for $33

$33 LED upgrades for offices

Do you own or manage offices for a business? If so, you might not be aware that you can upgrade your office lights to LED for $33. That’s $33 TOTAL – not $33 per LED.

Thanks to incentives available HEER energy upgrades program in NSW we’re able to offer LED upgrades in commercial properties with subsidised incentives. And, offices in Sydney are eligible for completely free LED panels. That means the A-grade electrician, the LED panels, warranty and support are all included completely free. The only charge is a $33 installation cost. That’s it!

Does your office have panel lights?

Not sure if your office has panel lights? Well here’s a picture of some panels lights. Do they look like this?

Panel lights in an office

Why upgrade your office to LED?

✅ Reduce your lighting energy use by 85%
✅ Reduce your maintenance
✅ Reduce your carbon footprint
✅ Improved lighting quality
✅ Stop living in the past – the future is LED

Find out if your office is eligible

Want to find out if your Sydney office is eligible for a FREE LED upgrade (just $33 installation fee) you can get in touch and we can help!

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