What is an IC rated downlight?

An IC Rated downlight

Not all downlights are created equal. Energy Makeovers, for example, can install a premium, or IC rated downlight in your property.

What are IC Rated downlights?

IC Rated stands for an insulation contact rated downlight. If a downlight has been rated as ‘IC’ it means it has met the requirements set out by the New Australian Standard on Recessed Luminaires standard (AS/NZS standard 60598.2.2:2001). And, it means these products are deemed suitable for use when covered in building insulation. This means the light fitting can come into close contact with insulation, which is not the case with most downlights.

Your home may have insulation in the roof. It’s an excellent way to keep your property at a comfortable temperature, improve your energy efficiency and decrease your heating/cooling costs. However, insulation can be flammable and installation of any lighting or electrical appliances near insulation can be a fire hazard.

The other aesthetic benefit of an IC Rated downlight is that it can sit flush in the ceiling with no gap around its edge, unlike other downlights. This provides a premium look in your ceiling.

This is no longer a factor with IC Rated downlights.

IC Rated lights can be abutted or covered with insulation making the process of downlight installation or upgrade faster and easier.

What’s the difference with an IC Rated downlight?

So you now know that an IC rated downlight can be used in close proximity to insulation, but what about the technical differences? Are those the same?

Below we have compared the most popular downlight we see; the MR16 LED to an IC Rated LED downlight.

MR16 vs IC Rated

As you can see the IC Rated downlight provides a longer lifespan, warranty, beam angle and lumen output, for 3 watts more input power.

When you upgrade from standard downlights to IC Rated downlights your aesthetic is not only improved but your lighting system becomes more efficient as we remove any transformers your system previously needed. IC Rated downlights do not need a transformer. This creates a more reliable system and prevents any transformer failures.

Our premium range is available for Victorian and NSW properties. We have more information about our products here, including warranties and specs.

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