what kind of light globe doesn't produce heat

Old, inefficient and outdated globes are notoriously dangerous – take halogen downlights as an example; they’re able to reach temperatures of 300°c. They need to do this in order to generate enough heat to allow the elements inside to glow and create light. Incandescent globes are even worse: 95% of the energy supplied to an incandescent bulb goes into heating the lighting implements and only 5% into lighting.


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Why are light globes so hot?

Older light globes – the kind many countries are starting to ban and phase-out are old technology. Incandescent globes date back to the 1750s and lighting technology has moved on significantly since then.

So, why are we still using old globes?

A simple reason; we still use old, inefficient globes because they’re cheap. More modern globes, like LEDs can be expensive. Here’s why LEDs are more expensive.


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But LEDs are great because they don’t produce heat. LEDs or light-emitting diodes don’t require any heat to help their elements ‘glow’. We have helpful information on why LEDs don’t get warm. Because they don’t get warm, they’re safer to use in your home, especially near insulation, they’re safer to touch (they won’t burn your fingers) and they last longer (often decades-long!)

So what kind of light globe doesn’t produce heat?



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