6 Reasons Why 2019 Is The Year to Install Solar

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We predict that 2019 will be the year of solar. 2018 already saw record installations across residential and small-scale commercial properties. 20.3% of Australia’s renewable energy generation is now thanks small-scale solar

Here’s why 2019 is the year to install solar on your property:

1. Record high energy bills

Energy bills are at a record all-time high (source) and won’t be dropped anytime soon as federal parties fight it out over the future of Australia’s energy infrastructure. Some generators even “game” the system to keep prices high with energy scarcity in low-competitive areas. Upgrading your property to a solar energy system can protect you against future price hikes and put you back in control of your energy costs.

2. Current feed-in-tariff rates

Feed-in-tariffs reimburse you for the energy you don’t need by feeding excess energy back to the grid. This is organised through your energy supplier and tariffs do vary from 8.9 cents to 14.1 cents per kilowatt-hour. Here are the latest, 2019 values of feed-in-tariffs.

3. Solar energy systems that pay for themselves within 2-5 years

With the demand for solar energy systems across the world, manufacturers of solar parts have decreased prices and we pass the savings to you. Installing a solar energy system is much cheaper than it used to be, even as little as a few years ago. A typical home solar energy system will pay for itself within 2-5 years. Weigh this up with their typical life expectancy of 20+ years and the financial value speaks for itself.

4. Small scale energy certificates

Small-scale technology certificates include small-scale solar PV systems and provide ‘up front’ for a solar energy system‘s expected power generation over a 15 year period. STCs tend to cover about 33% of the installation cost of a system. Certificate values did change for 2019 and we have written some helpful information about the changes to STCs.

5. Government subsidies like the VIC state 50% rebate

Victoria’s State government has launched a solar energy subsidy program for solar PV system installations, managed Solar Victoria. This offers homeowners (and more recently, tenants) a rebate that covers up to 50% of the value of an average 4kW solar panel system (which currently equates to $2225) for eligible households. There’s more information about this rebate in our post, or you can call us for more information – 1300 788 776

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6. $0 upfront costs (for businesses)

Right now, Energy Makeovers offers $0 upfront costs and payment plans are available (for commercial properties) for solar installs.


Are those enough reasons for you?

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to install solar in 2019 then don’t forget that solar energy is a smart long-term investment for your property. It reduces your carbon emissions and helps the environment with a positive, energy-efficient change. It can boost the value of your property (we have written an article on boosting your property value with solar). and helps reduce energy bills by up to 80%.

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