Why upgrade your CFLs to LEDs?

You may or may not realise that if you live in Victoria, alongside halogen downlight upgrades you can also upgrade your CFLs to LEDs for free*.

In past years Victoria offered free/subsidised upgrades for properties from incandescent globes to CFLs, but now those CFLs can be upgraded again to LED.

We’re often asked why.

What was the point in upgrading to CFL years ago and why should I bother upgrading to LED now?

It comes down to the development of lighting technology. Some CFLs simply aren’t the most efficient on the market anymore and by upgrading to LEDs you can reduce your home’s energy demands.

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CFLs were a great replacement for incandescent lighting a few years ago, but they have now been superseded by super-efficient LED bulbs.

Early CFLs delivered about 25 lm/w and the majority of CFLs we are upgrading deliver about 50 lm/w (when they were new) and have depreciated to now produce an average of about 35 lm/w.

LED lamps have improved dramatically in the last few years and the LED bulbs we are now installing are 7w producing 1000 lumens (143 lm/w). Therefore, the CFL lamps we are replacing with LEDs consume more than 4 times as much energy to produce the same light output as the LEDs that are replacing them.

We can replace your CFL and incandescent lamps with LED lamps at no cost (minimum 15 lamps) under the Government’s VEU scheme even if you’ve previously accessed this scheme to replace your incandescent lamps with CFLs.  Use the handy gadget in our website footer to check if we service your location.


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Here is a helpful comparison infographic

CFLs vs LEDs

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