LED Lighting Upgrades for Aged Care and Healthcare

Quality of care for patients is so important and lighting is an essential part of that care. Whether you manage an aged care facility, a medical practice or a hospital teeming with patients, visitors and staff, comfortable, practical and low maintenance lighting is essential to keep your centre running efficiently.

The most common types of lights in hospitals, medical centres and aged care facilities tend to be fluorescent tubes and some non-pivoting round downlights. Energy Makeovers are proud to offer a retrofit service for these products and other lighting systems.


We understand the importance of keeping your facility running seamlessly and the need to prevent costs from sky-rocketing. Your lights need to be precise and reliable and providing this lighting can often mean lights are left on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year which can be expensive and demand large amounts of energy.

By upgrading your lights with our retrofit service you’ll reduce your maintenance costs and decrease your energy bills.

By upgrading your 36 watt fluorescent tubes to our 12 watt LED you reduce your lighting energy consumption by 2/3 or 66%.

Reduce energy consumption by 66%
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Epworth Hospital Case Study

Best in class LED lights were chosen to ensure the very best lighting outcomes. Small scale trials of particular products were pre-installed in strategic locations for hospital staff to experience the new lighting outcome prior to the large scale deployment of new LED tubes.
Our expert electricians developed a detailed project plan in close consultation with local staff to minimise the impact of installation activities on both staff and patients. This included very tight time management to ensure that the tubes in individual rooms were able to be changed over in very small windows of time available when rooms were not occupied.

Lighting levels have universally improved whilst the cost of running the tube lights has reduced more than 50% resulting in an annual energy cost saving of approximately $170,000.

Staff have expressed their thanks to our expert electricians for the sensitivity they demonstrated when working around patients experiencing personal health challenges and hospital staff that are often dealing with very important and urgent matters.


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