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High quality lighting is so important to running a successful retail busines

High quality lighting is so important to running a successful retail business.

You want your products to look their best and customers to feel comfortable. In shops and retail spaces the most common types of lights are Fluorescent tubes and round & rectangular shop lights, metal halide or CFLs.

Fluorescent tubes and CFLs can flicker as they age. We’ve all seen that annoying flickering light in a shop or office. You can either take the tube out and leave some of your store without light, you can replace a flickering tube immediately and probably often, or you can upgrade to LED and remove this problem forever.

Why do lights flicker?

Fluorescent and CFL tubes flicker because the mercury gas in breaks down over time and it becomes less able to hold the charge and eventually the light will fail. LEDs don’t use a gas to create light, so no more flickering! Fluoro tubes tend to need replacing every 2 years so require regular maintenance and resources. LED lights are so efficient you may never need to replace an LED tube. Ever!

Fluorescent tubes can be a high maintenance drain on your resources. They require changing often, degrade over time and can flicker. If you have fluorescent tubes we can upgrade your lights with our retrofit service to LED and say ‘bye-bye’ to expensive maintenance and ‘so-long’ to flickering lights.


Some states in Australia offer subsidies towards energy efficiency upgrades like lighting retrofits to LED. This means that your store or retail space may be eligible for significant subsidies towards a lighting upgrade through Energy Makeovers. For example the HEER scheme in New South Wales and Victorian Energy Upgrades Program offer these subsidies to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions throughout the state.

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