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The Hamits wanted a high quality, top of the range system that could last them for the years ahead, supply their home with the energy it needs and provide complete transparency with the data from the inverter. After doing their research on installers they selected Energy Makeovers.

Mr Hamit, in particular, has remarked on how happy he is with the new solar energy system and the service provided by Energy Makeovers. The family will now save thousands in energy costs, they’re generating their own, sustainable and clean energy and will even be able to speed up their ROI thanks to the energy they’ll now export to the grid.

The installation included a 9.45KW solar energy system featuring LONGi Solar panels, an 8KW SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter featuring WiFi & SetApp and 30 P320 Optimisers. The installation came with a 12-year installation warranty and included installation by a CEC accredited designer and installer.

screen shot from a solar inverter