Subsidise your LED upgrade with the HEER Program

The Energy Savings Scheme of New South Wales

offers residents and small businesses access to the HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits) Program. The program offers premises across the state of New South Wales access to subsidies on activities that increase the energy-efficiency of a property. These subsidies are available through a certificate-trading scheme. Energy Makeovers undertakes this trading process on your behalf and includes this monetary value in the subsidised cost of your upgrade.


Energy Makeovers are proud to be an Accredited Certificate Provider in the
HEER scheme of New South Wales.

Like the VEU Program the HEER program requires energy retailers and other partners to meet energy saving targets. The energy retailers can purchase the Energy Saving Certificates that these retrofit upgrades create from Partners, like Energy Makeovers.

So, like the VEU Program, these activities are funded by energy retailers, not tax payers.

For more information on the ESS – the NSW government scheme designed to reduce electricity use for households and organisations, please click here.

Both the VEU Program and the HEER program are very similar in process, however the HEER Program does require a co-payment of $30 as a minimum for every activity completed.

To maintain our accredited status, we must adhere to the rules and regulations of the scheme. You can find details about the HEER scheme on the ESS website


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