Can I upgrade my own lights to LED for free?

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We’re often asked – by customers interested in upgrading their downlights, CFLs and incandescents in their property – whether they can upgrade their lights themselves and still qualify for a free upgrade. This would involve telling us how many fittings they have, what type of globes they need and retrofitting the lights in their home without us present.

So, can you upgrade your own lights without us attending your property?


Under the regulations of the VEU program (and the HEER incentive in NSW) we are required to visit the property, inspect the fittings, check the fittings for compatibility with our LEDs, install the globes and take photos of the new globes once installed. This is all completed by a qualified electrician, to ensure your globes are installed correctly and safely in your property.

If you’re curious about why we take photos of your fittings, we have some information on why, here. And, if you’re curious if you can upgrade empty fittings with no globes in them, we have answered that here.


Call us Or view our home LED information


Not only must the installation be completed by an electrician, but said electrician must be an Accredited Partner within the VEU program (or HEER incentive). Energy Makeovers is one of the largest Accredited Partners participating in the VEU program and we have hundreds of 5 stars reviews that rate us as ‘excellent’ on Trust Pilot, so you can feel reassured you will have an ‘excellent’ upgrade with a certified electrician and high-quality LEDs that will last for at least a decade.


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