Our full service VEEC Certificate Creation Offer

Energy Makeovers VEEC Partnership

At Energy Makeovers we can assist you and your business to create VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) for your commercial lighting LED upgrades.

Regulations and compliance with the Regulator can be complex and time consuming. We can manage the process on your behalf to allow you can focus on your clients and growing business.

Our full service VEEC Partnership is an end to end VEEC creation and support solution, assisting you through the administration, documentation and processing of VEECs, helping you through the process quickly and efficiently with a payment period faster than any other AP in the industry

Self service

Provide support to assist you in meeting VEEC registration requirements

Access to the Energy Makeovers VEEC creation portal

VEEC creation and trading

Full service

Preinstallation documentation including floor plans, relux and gathering of relevant evidence

Provide support to ensure installations meet VEEC registration requirements

Post installation documentation including relux and gathering of relevant evidence

VEEC creation and trading

Other services

Supply of VEEC approved tubes and installation services

Professional proposal generation for your customers

Highly automated VEEC evidence gathering technology for high volume partners

Bespoke marketing solutions to your customer database


View the VEEC Partnership FAQs page here


If you’d like to apply to become an Energy Makeovers VEEC Partner, or if you have some

questions about the program complete our form below or or call us today 1300 788 776