Government Incentives for Residential upgrades


VEU Program

The VEU Program is Victoria’s Energy Upgrade Program (previously known as VEET). This state-run scheme helps Victorian home and business owners take advantage of rebates and subsidies for energy efficiency upgrades.

The VEU program offers incentives for certain activities (such as LED upgrades)  to decrease the energy needs of homes and businesses and help Victoria, and Australia as a whole, achieve the Carbon Emissions target.

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VEEC Creation

As part of the VEU, energy saving activities such as LED upgrades create VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates), with each VEEC certificate accounting for 1 tonne of carbon abated.

When we undertake eligible activities for our customers, we collect these certificates on your behalf.

Energy Makeovers are proud to have created over 3 million VEECs.  This equates to over 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide abated and helps Victoria & Australia work towards the clean energy target set down for us in the Paris Climate Accord.

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If you own a home or business in New South Wales, the state has it its own version of the VEU. The NSW HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits) scheme also offers incentives for some activities – including LED upgrades.

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All states

All other states

If you own a home or business in another state – there may still be rebates available to you.

If your state does have a subsidy program in place, Energy Makeovers can help you access it.

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