How much will I save with solar on my home?

Space type

Are you home a lot during the day? Do you run multiple appliances? Do you have a pool? Do you own your own home in Melbourne that could benefit from solar power?

The availability of roof space and how much electricity you use at home during the day will determine how much you can save with a solar system for your home.

An Energy Makeovers Energy Efficiency Expert will work with you to design the system to suit the needs of your home.

Pays for itself
An Energy Makeovers efficiency expert will work with you to design a solar power system for your needs. Why not get a FREE no-obligation solar quote today?

Our team will show you how quickly FREE electricity from the sun will pay for your investment. As electricity prices increase the savings just get better and better. Contact one of our Energy Efficiency Experts today to see how quickly your home solar investment will pay for itself. 

Long life
Energy Makeovers build and install solar panels and solar power systems for Melbourne homes that deliver high efficiency, reliability and long life. We use proven, reliable and long-lasting components to protect your energy future. You’ll save year after year because your new solar power system has an expected life of 25 years.

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CEC accreditation

Energy Makeovers is an Approved Solar Retailer with the Clean Energy Council.

This means that we are committed to providing a higher standard of quality and service, raising the bar in the solar industry. We provide a minimum five-year whole of system and installation warranty on solar power systems.

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