Hello Sunshine. Goodbye bill shock.

Shrink your bills using free power from the sun.

Shocked by rising electricity prices? Install a solar power system for your home or business and you’re home free.

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Free Power

Capture Australia’s abundant sunshine and turn it into free electricity for your home or business. Our Solar Power systems make a big dent in your daylight power use. Saving is easy. Your new solar power system will automatically switch between free sun power and grid power as needed.

solar power panels on a home roof

Long life

Energy Makeovers build and install solar power systems that deliver high efficiency, reliability and long life. We use proven, reliable and long-lasting components to protect your energy future. You’ll save year after year because your new solar power system has an expected life of 25 years.

solar power panels on a commercial building

Pays for itself

An Energy Makeovers efficiency expert will work with you to design a solar power system for your needs. They’ll show you how quickly free electricity from the sun will pay for your investment. As electricity prices increase the savings just get better and better.

Why choose Energy Makeovers?

Energy Makeovers works with leading solar PV manufacturers to deliver a complete range of Solar Power systems for home and business.

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Quality products

We use only proven, reliable and environmentally responsible products that deliver long life and are backed by strong warranties.

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Home or business

Enjoy efficient renewable energy that helps protect your home or business from rising power bills.

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Qualified installers

Our solar installation team is certified by the Clean Energy Council.

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Government savings.

We’ll help you access all applicable Government rebates and energy efficiency incentives.